What is Halal?


Halal describes something that a Muslim is permitted to engage in i.e. eat, drink, use, behavior, speech, dress, conduct, and manner, etc. The word Halal is derived from the Arabic verb ‘Halla,’ which means to be or become ‘lawful, legal, legitimate, permissible, allowed, admissible, unprohibited, or unforbidden’.


The Health Benefits of Eating Halal Food

バイブル、トラー、コーランなどに書かれた食品生産と処理方法は、汚れた、不健全な食品生産プロセス、動物の非人道的扱い 、化学添加物および毒、殺虫剤、ホルモンおよび毒素を含む現在の商業的な食品生産プロセスに比べ、人間の健康に有益なシステムを確立しています。

The Halal food production produces cleaner and healthier food with very low incidences of food poisoning as compared to the food that is available on the market today.
In general, the food production and processing methods found in the Bible, Torah, and Quran are more beneficial for human health than the current corporate and commercial food production process upon us today, which unclean utensils, unhealthy food production processes, inhumane treatment of animals, chemical additives and poisons, pesticides, hormones, and toxins.


Halal Certification


Halal certification is a process of getting the document that guarantees the products, services, facilities, raw materials, and procedures which its main target is Muslim population that meet the requirements of Islamic law and therefore, are suitable for Muslims consumption, which certified by the third-party certification body (HaJI) through the Halal certification specific process such as document management, etc.



Halal Certification Application Form

Before making the application of the HaJI Halal certification, you may need to take the Halal consultation.
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Application Form


1. 設備や原材料等に豚肉(及び豚由来)やアルコールの取り扱いが無いこと。
2. 使用する肉は全てハラル肉であること。
3. ハラルとハラムが区別されて管理してあり、混合されていないこと。
4. 食品または添加物に含まれるアルコールが0.1%以下であること。
5. 認証取得までの期間は約1~2ヶ月かかりますが、場合によって5~6ヶ月ほどかかることがあります。

Standard Requirement for Obtaining Haji Halal Certification

1. There is no use of pork or its derivatives and alcohol in facilities, raw materials, etc.
2. All meats used must from Halal sources.
3. Haram and Halal things are well kept, stored, and separated.
4. Alcohol contained in food or additives must not exceed 0.01%.
5. The Halal certification process acquires 1 to 2 months depending on complexity.